"Black Christmas" Ranking Reaps Debate

"Black Christmas" Ranking Reaps Debate

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The announcement earlier today over the upcoming second “Black Christmas” remake being a PG-13 rated film has stirred online debate about horror films with that rating.

The original 1974 film was essentially one of the very first slasher film (before “Halloween” popularised the genre) and follows an all-female sorority house which is being stalked by a crazed killer.

Indie film favorite Sophia Takal helms the new film which was co-written by film critic April Wolfe and is the first of the three “Black Christmas” films to not be an R-rated feature. Wolfe herself has taken to Twitter to defend the softer rating and confirms the project was originally going to be ‘harder’:

Here’s the deal: We wrote it with an R in mind. When they did the test screenings, [it] was clear that this movie needed to be available to a younger female audience because the subject matter is timely. Also I want to indoctrinate girls into horror. Doesn’t make it any less vicious… If we can evangelize horror freakdom, we’re doing our job.

Oh, and I know people are gonna use ‘female empowerment’ a lot surrounding Black Christmas. That’s fine, but I really hate ‘lady buzzwords’ that lose meaning over time. And I’ll never tell you you HAVE to see our movie to support women. See it if it piques your interest”

Famed critically acclaimed PG-13 horror films include the likes of “The Ring,” “The Others,” “1408,” “A Quiet Place,” “The Sixth Sense,” “Insidious,” “Happy Death Day” and “The Visit”.

Blumhouse’s new “Black Christmas” hits cinemas December 13th.

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