Spike Lee To Direct “Prince of Cats”

Spike Lee has been set to direct a film adaptation of the hip-hop love story “Prince of Cats,” based on the graphic novel by Ron Wimberly. The project will mark his first major feature since “BlacKkKlansman”.
Set in “Da People’s Republic of Brooklyn” in the 1980s, the story is essentially a spin on “Romeo and Juliet” as seen through the eyes of Tybalt, Juliet’s duel-loving cousin. Tybalt and his Capulet brothers navigate this world where underground sword duelling runs amuck.
Legendary and Zucker Productions are backing the project which Selwyn Seyfu Hinds and Lee are co-writing while Janet and Kate Zucker will produce. Lakeith Stanfield was at one time attached to star but no longer.

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